What is cognitive therapy

Dr Shock is in to some obsessive blogging this evening, would some cognitive therapy help?
Dr Shock found an interesting article about cognitive therapy on About.com:Depression.

Cognitive therapy recognizes 10 common patterns of faulty thinking, which are known as cognitive distortions.

* All-or-Nothing Thinking: Failing to recognize that there may be some middle ground. Characterized by absolute terms like always, never, and forever.
* Overgeneralization: Taking an isolated case and assuming that all others are the same.
* Mental Filter: Mentally singling out the bad events in one’s life and overlooking the positive.
* Disqualifying the Positive: Treating positive events like they don’t really count.
* Jumping to Conclusions: Assuming the worst about a situation even though there is no evidence to back their conclusion.
* Magnification and Minimization: Downplaying positive events while paying an inordinate amount of attention to negative ones.
* Emotional Reasoning: Allowing your emotions to govern what you think about a situation rather than objectively looking at the facts.
* Should Statements: Rigidly focusing on how you think things should be rather than finding strategies for dealing with how things are.
* Labeling and Mislabeling: Applying false and harsh labels to oneself and others.
* Personalization: Blaming yourself for things that are out of your control.