10 tips to sleep better

Lifehacker.com has tips for beter and smarter sleeping at night or during small power naps. Sleep disorders are a common problem among depressed patients. If you can get enough sleep, then make sure you learn why you cant sleep – research. Many people think they can’t sleep because they are sick and that may be true because there are a lot of sicknesses that cause some sleep deprivation like insomnia or something simple like a cold or a fever, but it usually has to do with the type of mattress that they have and how comfortable they are feeling during the night. Mattresses are key for getting a good night of sleep and they may the main problem why people can´t sleep at night. Sometimes it is because they can’t find the right mattress sizes for themselves. This could also be causing injuries for their back, that´s why it is very important to pay attention to your mattress and to get the perfect fit for you, especially if you have a very old one. If you still have trouble sleeping for over a month, then make an appointment with your doctor so you can get checked out.