Creating a Macworld Cover

Dr Shock
August 9, 2009

Cover creation from Peter Belanger on Vimeo.

Wonderful time lapse video of the creation of Macworld Magazine. The main three areas involved are the photography, photoshop and design.
I always thought it was simple but this video shows otherwise. Not only very high tech equipment is needed but also a high level of perfectionism.

On the technical side, for the time lapse video, I used the Canon 5D Mark II with a 24mm-70mm zoom. I chose the 5D because of its great image quality with high ISO’s. Canon’s sRAW1 gave me the flexibility of a RAW file with the file size of a jpeg. The actual Macworld cover was taken with a Phase One P65+ digital back attached to a 4×5 Sinar X camera with a 65mm lens.

What do you think?

Thanks to Francisco Jole on twitter (@2525)


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