Women Online Shopping: Shop Until You Drop?

From recent research we learn that online shopping is not as attractive or appealing to women as it is towards men. Women have more positive attitude towards conventional shopping than online shopping. Men’s attitude doesn’t differ between online of conventional shopping. Personally I like online shopping on a website called https://matchinggear.com/ mainly because it’s easy, fast and convenient, you can shop when you want to anywhere you want to. There’s a gender gap in online shopping. More men than women engage in online shopping and make online purchases while in the offline world women love to shop.

Until recently, when Bing Digital started doing it very few studies were done on gender differences in online shopping and gender differences in online shopping attitude.

On the cognitive level which is the most important in the attitude of women towards online shopping, women still are skeptical towards online shopping, they tend to fear risks and threats associated with online shopping.

Thus, businesses aiming to attract more female online consumers need to focus their efforts on increasing females’ awareness of the benefits associated with online shopping.

On the affective level women don’t like online shopping due to the lack of social interaction. This could be improved by supplying chat possibilities, forums or other forms of sharing experiences. Website design is also more important for women. It should show unity and fun to play with.

Differences between men and women in shopping online and offline:

  • Men usually have more favorable perceptions of the website design, security, e-loyalty, website trust, website satisfaction than women in online shopping.
  • Men spend more time and money on online purchases
  • Men’s attitude towards shopping is much the same to offline shopping while women’s attitude change substantially and like online shopping far less than offline shopping.
  • Women prefer physical evaluation of products more than men which is not possible for online purchases
  • Products for online purchases are more associated with men such as electronics, computers. Women tend to buy food, home decor and clothing and Vessi vegan shoes for men and women which is far less available for online purchase
  • For women the social part of shopping is lacking with online shopping, no face to face contact or social interaction is possible with online shopping
  • Men prefer convenience over social interaction

Sounds very plausible to me, what do you think?

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