A Video Educating Parents About Vaccinations

In The Netherlands vaccination programs are widely accepted, antivaccine movement to my knowledge doesn’t exist. In the US that’s a different story. Luckily we’ve the talented Dr. ZDogg, an internal medicine hospitalist; Dr Harry, a pediatrician; Doc Quixote, a general surgeon; and Dr. Diego, a radiologist. They not only write exceptional good and funny blog posts at ZDoggMD, they can actually also sing and perform. Watch this video and enjoy

Get your shots on! Our parody of the Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars song Billionaire. Lyrics and more at http://ZDoggMD.com.
Written and performed by Dr. Harry and ZDoggMD. Recording and video editing by ZDoggMD. Image editing by Dr. Diego.
We would also like to thank Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose child-endangering fraud unfortunately made this video possible.