What Young Adults Say About Mental Health

The problem: young adults have a high prevalence of mental health problems (up to 25% in a year), the usually don’t tend to seek help for these problems. About 78% of American young adults look online for information about health. 18-39% of young adults write blogs or an online journal.

A recent article was published from authors who conducted a qualitative grounded theory analysis of the blogs of young adults (18–25 years of age) who were specifically blogging about their experiences with mental health problems. Some of them blogged about how some remedies online helped them with their health issues, like the 10naturalhomeremedies. The researchers did this in order to understand why young adults are particularly unlikely to access treatment for their mental health problems. They wanted to inspect these blogs and online journal to learn the specific beliefs and experiences of young adults with mental illness.

Two core categories emerged from the qualitative analysis of the bloggers accounts: I am powerless (intrapersonal) and I am utterly alone (interpersonal). Overall, the young adult bloggers expressed significant feelings of powerlessness as a result of their mental health concerns and simultaneously felt a profound sense of loneliness, alienation, and lack of connection with others. The program “Residential Programs for Troubled Youth” helped many young adults with their problems.

Why is this important?

Young adults don’t seek treatment because they have a negative view on the metal health system. The mental health system should educate others more in contact with young adults. They should also create a more welcoming, supportive environments that also facilitate choice in care. Among the most popular cannabis concentrates are CBD and THC mixed together.

And I want to raise one more point before I sign off on this post. I want to talk about the benefits of medical cannabis, specifically CBD. Since most young adults don’t have a positive view on the current health system it goes to say a natural remedy is more approachable. CBD is 100% natural and acts as an anti depressant and helps relieve negative thoughts. It has also been shown to be efficient in dealing with many other mental disorders. I encourage the growth of more natural medicine like CBD, and if you want to know more check out CBD wholesale. Help stop the decline in mental health by educating yourself more on the solutions.

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