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Empathy or Sympathy

Walter van den Broek
January 8, 2014
This beautifully animated RSA Short video empathy is explained and the difference with sympathy. Read other blogposts about empathy. Dr Brené Brown reminds us that we can only create a genuine empathic connection if we are brave enough to really get in touch with our own fragilities.Dr Brené Brown is a research professor and best-selling author of "Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead" (Penguin Portfolio, 2013). She has spent the past decade studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame. Thanks PresentationZen ..read more »

The Science of Productivity

Walter van den Broek
January 2, 2014
Explanation why starting a project is the most important step in productivity and the best use of time management. Ego depletion, Zeigarnik effect won't be obscure terms after veiwing this interesting video. Thanks Brain Pickings ..read more »

The pros and cons of brain mapping

Walter van den Broek
August 12, 2013
At the micro-scale the brain is a mess; a thick tangle of nerve cells connected at synapses. Mapping just a tiny portion of this mess, a few hundred cells, is a huge challenge. You have to wonder if it's worth the effort. But seeing exactly how brain cells are wired together is giving us new insights into brain function. The scientists in this video found a new neuron in the retina for detecting movement by combining the mapping of the brain and interpreting the fysiology. ..read more »

This is water

Walter van den Broek
May 10, 2013
http://dotsub.com/view/6b8cc93f-3b53-486b-a1ce-025ffe6c9c52 On May 21, 2005, David Foster Wallace got up before the graduating class of Kenyon college and delivered one of history’s most memorable commencement addresses. It wasn’t until Wallace’s death in 2008 that the speech took on a life of its own under the title This Is Water, and was even adapted into a short book. Now, the fine folks of The Glossary have remixed an abridged version of Wallace’s original audio with a sequence of aptly chosen images Impressive speech, used parts of it for the white coat ceremony. Students should stay aware of their experiences during their clerkships, stay .....read more »

The financial crises caused by personality disorder?

Walter van den Broek
January 9, 2013
How is it that successful business men, bankers, and other financial leaders caused the financial crises. Is it a personality disorder? Or is it hubris? A new term not familiar to me. Look at this short talk by Lord Owen about personality, personality disorder and hubris. This interview stems from a meeting to mark the publication of a report. The report "Did Anyone Learn Anything From Equitable Life?", was presented at King's College on 7 September 2012. Lord David Owen said that it is essential more research is carried out into hubris in Chief Executives and this is now being .....read more »

Cureus, a free online medical journal

Walter van den Broek
January 7, 2013
Cureus is an online, free, peer reviewed, open access medical journal based in Palo Alto, California. It's intention is to promote medical research by offering tools that better serve and highlight the people who create it, resulting in better research, faster publication and easier access for everyone. Moreover, Cureus offers physicians an opportunity to publish papers online for a mass audience while retaining copyrights, unlike traditional journals. In this video the 6 easy steps for publishing in Cureus are explained. We make it easier and faster to publish your work - it's always free and you retain the copyright. What’s more, the .....read more »

How to prevent jet lag

Walter van den Broek
January 3, 2013
A recent article in Scientific American writes about some simple rules to use when traveling across time zones, in order to prevent jet lag as much as possible. Bright light exposure is the most powerful way to cause a phase shift — an advance or delay in circadian rhythms. Light in the early morning makes you wake up earlier (“phase advance”); light around bed time makes you wake up later (“phase delay”). Al other obscure solutions are obsolete. They even have a link to a website. Filling in your flight details will deliver an advice to be emailed or printed: Jet .....read more »

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Walter van den Broek
January 2, 2013
When we get a lot of money, we're happy but we get easily and very quickly adapted to this new wealth. Spending money on other people, giving them some small gifts improves your mood. Spending it on yourself keeps you in the same mood, it doesn't make you feel more happy. Spending something on others increases your happiness. If you do want to spend money on yourself go for experiences instead of material things. More advice? Watch the video. ..read more »

Your Brain in Numbers

Walter van den Broek
November 19, 2012
From Brain Hacks, here is thefull size image on Scientific American An amazing picture by Dwayne Godwin and Jorge Cham from PhD Comics. Just published at the Scientific American site. Definitely worth seeing in its hi-res glory. ..read more »

Research Blogging in PLos ONE

Walter van den Broek
May 21, 2012
Regularly I post about research findings as published in scientific peer reviewed journals. Mostly on topics such as depression, chocolate, ECT and medical education. ResearchBlogging.org aggregates these posts based on peer-reviewed research to make it easy for blog readers to find your these posts about academic research. In PLoS ONE an article is recently published which analyzed a sample of blog posts from ResearchBlogging. They also analyzed the bloggers and referenced journals. So in a way this is also about me. This is what they found: bloggers showed a preference for papers from high-impact journals. the most frequently referenced journal sources in .....read more »