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Internet Dependence Questionnaire: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Dr Shock
January 27, 2009
Scales to diagnose Internet Dependence and Internet Addiction prosper. Even when this diagnosis is doubted by scientists and bloggers alike these scales get used very frequently and their publications accepted in peer reviewed journals. It is possible that this diagnosis will be included in the new DSM V. Recent research evaluated the utility of the proposed diagnostic criteria for Internet dependence as measured by Young’s Diagnostic Questionnaire. As much as the diagnosis is debatable this questionnaire shows that the proposed diagnostic criteria do not adequately discriminate individuals scoring no Internet dependence from those currently classified as Internet dependent with .....read more »

Digital Divide in Internet Addiction?

Dr Shock
January 15, 2009
The digital divide in this post refers to the disparity in Internet access between developed and developing countries. In a recent published study they explored Internet addiction among university students in China and the United States to develop a better understanding of Internet addiction in a cross-national setting. Three hundred fourteen respondents were evaluated on 10 Internet addiction symptoms and five Internet addiction dimensions. And the conclusion was: We conclude that Internet addiction may result as an artifact of the stage of Internet adoption within a society. More information on the non existent diagnosis of Internet addiction can be found on this .....read more »

Predicting Internet Addiction or Splitting Straws?

Dr Shock
June 18, 2008
Problematic Internet Use (PIU) of male students is higher than that of female students. On the Problematic Internet Usage Scale (PIUS) male students scores are higher compared to female students on all subscales such as negative consequences of Internet (NCI; 17 items), social benefit/social comfort (SB/SC; 10 items), except on excessive use(EU; 6 items). The students with psychological symptoms demonstrate more PIU.The students using the Internet from mostly their homes may feel more also have higher PIU scoresThose students that use the Internet mostly at night also score higher on the PIU.Using the Internet for social interactions is a risk .....read more »

Blog Addicted or Internet Addicted

Dr Shock
May 24, 2008
The next three weeks Dr Shock is on vacation. This blog has been updated daily for more then a year. Since blogging is fun I will probably keep on blogging during these three weeks but maybe not daily and the long posts your used to. No cold turkey to prevent withdrawal symptoms from blog addiction or is it Internet addiction? Won't need shocktherapy for this I hope. But blogging is good for your health, at Living the Scientific LifeBy the way there another stupid thing people believe you can get addicted to. Here is a good one: internet dating. Thanks .....read more »

10 Things You can Learn from a Digital Detox Week

Dr Shock
May 10, 2008
Yes Dr Shock is preparing for his yearly holiday, should he keep on blogging or just go "cold turkey"? Can he cope with his blog addiction? What do you think let me know in the comments.As some of you will know I took part in Adbusters’ Mental Detox Week last week. This meant I stopped doing screen and computer based stuff as much as possible. I was at work so there were obviously times when I had to check email and things. But I did manage to cut it right down to a bare minimum. Outside of work it was .....read more »