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What kind of chocolate eater are you?

Walter van den Broek
February 22, 2012
Came across this funny article. It drew my attention because of my interest in chocolate. It seems from this research that their are three kinds of chocolate eaters: “fast chewers”, “thorough chewers” and “suckers”. The thorough chewers take a significant time for chewing on the chocolate and chew a lot more than the other two groups. Fast chewers keep the chocolate in their mouth for a much shorter time with a significant higher chew rate. Suckers are those that suck on the chocolate rather then chew on it, they also take more time for consuming the chocolate. They chew less .....read more »

Greater Variety of Chocolate No More Consumption?

Walter van den Broek
August 24, 2011
To my astonishment the relation between the exposure of unhealthy snack foods in a supermarket and eating behavior is hardly a topic of research. Read this in a recent study about the relationship between a greater variety of chocolates in supermarket and consumption of chocolates. In this Australian study they used data from 1007 women in 35 neighborhoods with their local supermarkets. They examined the associations between the number of different varieties of chocolate and confectionery items stocked in local supermarkets and consumption of these foods over and above what would be expected based on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. In this .....read more »

A 3D Chocolate Printer

Walter van den Broek
July 7, 2011
I love chocolate and it seems I can now print my name in chocolate, dark chocolate in the near future. A 3D printer that uses chocolate has been developed by University of Exeter researchers - and it prints layers of chocolate instead of ink or plastic. Once the prototype becomes a finished product, it may find a role in the restaurant and food preparation industry. Thanks Geekologie and BBCNews ..read more »

From Cocao Bean to Chocolate

Walter van den Broek
January 31, 2011
In this video you can see how the Mast Brothers in NYC make their own chocolate. It's one of the very few places that craft bean-to-bar chocolate. They also have a blog. Be careful what kind of chocolate you buy, let them help you choose the right chocolate bar. If your not keen on very dark chocolate you could end up disappointed as this dude was. ..read more »

Chocolate and Cardiovascular Health Benefits

Walter van den Broek
January 19, 2011
Two recent large epidemiological studies again suggest a beneficial effect of chocolate consumption on cardiovascular disease. One study was a prospective study in 1216 women with a follow up of 9,5 years. The frequency of chocolate consumption was categorized in three groups": < 1 serving per week, 1-6 servings and 7 or more. Outcome was defined as plaque thickness in the carotid artery and hospitalization or death at follow up as clinical outcome. Not only were carotid plaques less prevalent in those women eating more chocolate but also those who ate more chocolate were less frequently hospitalized or death from ischemic .....read more »

Dark Chocolate Receptor

Walter van den Broek
December 21, 2010
They tested the protection of epicatechin on heart infarct size in mice. Epicatechin is a flavinoid and a major component of dark chocolate. It has antioxydant effects associated with a lower risk of stroke and heart failure. Epicatechin can bind to opiod receptors that can induce heart protection, moreover it can induce cardiac protection from ischemia-reperfusion injury with a heart attack. What they did was treat mice with epicatechin and naloxone alone and a combination of both. Naloxone is an opiod antagonist. Infarct size was significantly reduced in the epicatechin group, this effect was attenuated when administered together with naloxone. These .....read more »

The right chocolate dose

Walter van den Broek
September 4, 2010
In my quest to the right chocolate dose recently discovered a letter in the BMJ about this subject. The authors did a meta analysis. Their results suggest that dark chocolate is superior to placebo in reducing blood pressures of more than 140 mm Hg systolic or more than 80 mm Hg diastolic. Daily flavanol dosages ranged from 30 mg to 1 g (equivalent to 6.3 g to 100 g of milk or dark chocolate), and interventions ran for two to 18 weeks. Data were insufficient to provide confident answers on optimal dosage and time frame. However, they question the practicability as a .....read more »

GABA enriched chocolate against stress?

Walter van den Broek
July 5, 2010
At first Dr Shock was baffled. Mixing precious chocolate with chemicals? What a waste. Apparently cocoa has about 52 mg of GABA per 100 gram cacao. GABA is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain and it has been shown to have an acute psychological stress-reducing effect in humans and a tranquilizing effect on sleeplessness, depression and autonomic disorder observed during the menopausal or presenile period. Because cacao is mixed with milk, sugar and some other ingredients the quantity if GABA in chocolate is less than in cacao, possibly reducing the stress reducing effects in human. In a recent study, they .....read more »

Dark Chocolate to prevent Hypertension?

Walter van den Broek
June 25, 2010
As you probably know is Dr Shock completely biased when writing about chocolate especially dark chocolate. He mostly writes about the research with positive results of chocolate on cardiovascular diseases. A recent review included 5 studies of adequate quality for inclusion in a recent meta analysis as well as 8 other peer reviewed studies for the effect of cocoa on blood pressure. In these 13 reports dark chocolate lowered blood pressure in 6 of the 7 open label studies but diastolic blood pressure only in 1 of 6 double blind studies and as you know double blind studies are the .....read more »

Chocolate as Antihypertensive Drug?

Walter van den Broek
March 30, 2010
From a systematic review of 10 randomized clinical trials: chocolate has blood pressure lowering capacity. Dark chocolate has a high content of flavanols. Flavonoids are the part of chocolate important for health benefits. They can also be found in high concentrations in certain fruits and vegetables. In the context of human nutrition, certain teas, grape juice, wine, various berries, and especially cocoa represent noteworthy sources. Dark chocolate has the highest content of flavonoids compared to the other sources. Besides lowering the blood pressure chocolate containing flavonols also has other cardioprotective properties. On average over all trials chocolate reduced blood pressure. Systolic .....read more »