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Twelve Twitter Tips for Medical Education

Walter van den Broek
January 6, 2014
I was intrigued by this title of a recent publication about twelve tips for using twitter in medical education. We recently tested twitter as a way of interaction with medical students. Our number of students attending lectures have outgrown the number of places in one lecture room. Since years we us two lecture rooms, one with a video link so students can follow the lecture on screen. For this second lecture room but also for those attending the life lecture we introduced twitter as a way to pose questions. We introduced the twitter account at the start of the semester, .....read more »

Rap music video to motivate kids to eat better

Walter van den Broek
November 20, 2013
A pep talk from rapper Ietef Vita, aka DJ Cavem, via his music video “Wheat Grass.” Ietef Vita, a.k.a. DJ CAVEM of MOETAVATION crew is a Green For All Class 4 Fellow. Green for All is committed to supporting efforts to fix America’s broken food system. DJ Cavem, as this story on HuffPost Parents explains, started writing and sharing his educational songs in Denver schools as a clever way to help kids beat back diet-related health issues, such as obesity and diabetes. This video will certainly appeal to the youngsters Thanks Scope blog ..read more »

Transition to clerkship

Walter van den Broek
September 5, 2013
For medical students the transition to clerkship can be a "shock of practice". They usually have to get around in a field very strange to them, due to the stress they almost forget everything they have learned the previous 3-4 years. Thanks to Annemarie Cunningham I came across a third year med students blog. She wrote an interesting post about: Be nice, be humble, be interested: advice received for clerkship. She has compiled some of the wonderful advice that she has received in a list. She also wrote a post about the transition, worthwhile your time to read. This post will .....read more »

Empathy and patient experience

Walter van den Broek
March 4, 2013
Found this excellent video on CasesBlog, with advice for doctors and reactions on twitter. CEO Toby Cosgrove, MD, shared this video, titled "Empathy," with the Cleveland Clinic staff during his 2013 State of the Clinic address on Feb. 27, 2013. The video relates to any person - not only patients and physicians. It's so worth it 4 minutes of your time ..read more »

Interactive learning with evernote and ideapaint

Walter van den Broek
August 10, 2012
This video shows excellent use of evernote and IdeaPaint for interactive learning but why should it be kept for high school, could think of a few examples to use it in medical education, can you? Let me know in the comments. Read some more on this on evernote blog When you combine IdeaPaint’s ability turn any wall or surface into a canvas and Evernote’s ability to capture, archive and make that surface searchable, the possibilities for turning any room into an interactive environment are endless. These two products come together in a particularly exciting way in a classroom environment, which can become .....read more »

Patient Safety in Medical Education

Walter van den Broek
January 9, 2012
When searching in pubmed for the two mesh terms "patient safety" and "medical education" results in 8 hits. Some research articles and editorials. One quote with literature reference about the extend of the problem is: Our health care system today has an adverse event rate approximately equal to that of driving an automobile putting patients at a significant risk The trouble as stated in this excellent editorial in Academic Medicine is the culture in which most health care professional work. Unfortunately working in a health care setting is mostly not about preventing errors or finding solutions to errors as in other sorts .....read more »

Principles for Patient Safety

Walter van den Broek
January 2, 2012
Teaching patient safety starts in medical school. Hospitals can be weired chaotic places. It's often a wonder everything keeps working as it should although failures do occur. Medical professionals come to realize that mistakes happen and they adapt their working procedures to those of the so called high reliability organizations such as aircrafts, airline pilots, forest firefighting teams and trauma centers. This change in mostly culture doesn't go swiftly mostly with the excuse that their work is different from those organizations mentioned. Their work is incomparable to other organization which is not true, moreover some principles can easily be adapted .....read more »

Students use of social media

Walter van den Broek
December 5, 2011
We have been trying to use twitter during lectures, especially since the group is so large about 100 to 200 can only follow the lecture from another lecture room on a monitor. It wasn't a success, the question time during and after the lecture was hardly used. Only 8-10 questions were proposed via twitter. The interaction did increase but only with those present in the same lecture room. These were bachelor med students. Next we tried facebook during a week with master med students. The number using the group was more than 100, which is probably around half of the .....read more »

New Structure of Medical Education

Walter van den Broek
November 14, 2011
Always like a very different view of matter of opinion. Via Annemarie Cunningham discovered a thought provoking blog post: rethinking medical education from The Health Care Blog. Based on all the new medical technologies, super specializations, increasing cost of medical care, and cost of medical education, a new approach to medical education is put forward. This appraoch is mainly focused on shortening the duration of medical education in the US. Nevertheless, these ideas are worth considering also in Europe and the UK. This blog post proposes the following structure for medical education: Two years of medical education taken by all students. .....read more »

How Facebook saved the day for an emergency department

Walter van den Broek
November 7, 2011
A 34 year old female was brought in to the emergency department Friday afternoon. She was a mother and a quick search of her belongings provided her business card. It was the card of a obviously successful businesswoman; however, it did not provide any further useful information to explain her presentation. The family doctor was contacted. She explained that besides a remote history of a short depressive episode the patient was quite healthy. She was unable to assist in contacting any family members. The patient was displaying ‘‘bizarre behavior,’’ along with refusing to open her eyes for an examination. A psychiatric cause .....read more »