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Dumb Way To Die

Walter van den Broek
January 20, 2014
Funny video placed in a contest at the Desiderius School Facebook page. This page is from the Medical School Erasmus MC. It announces official ceremonies, parties but also web content of interest for med students and an occasional contest like this one. For more funny videos on medicine het the link. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/nl_NL/all.js#xfbml=1"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Message by Erasmus MC Desiderius School (Opleiding Geneeskunde). ..read more »

Bye Bye PowerPoint, Bunkr is here

Walter van den Broek
May 6, 2013
Bunkr is a new way of making presentations. It's an online tool. You can easily collect articles, images, videos, quotes from the web. You can make and organize a whole collection online of images, videos, etc. You can export your presentation as powerpoint of pdf or you can present online on all kind of devices. We have create a HTML5 presentation format: lighter, faster and no installation required. Say goodbye too heavy presentations that cannot be sent by email. Bunkr HTML5 presentation: simple to share and readable on all devices There's a 45 days free trial so probably in the end will .....read more »

Time-lapse video: Package shipped with a hidden camera

Walter van den Broek
April 23, 2013
Designer Ruben van der Vleuten was curious about the shipping process, so he did what anyone would do. He installed a camera in a cardboard box and shipped it to himself. Below is a time-lapse video of the package's journey. Interesting experiment. Enjoy the video and music, thanks to FlowingData ..read more »

Understand music by animation

Walter van den Broek
December 10, 2012
Lovely video made about understanding music, al animated and well done. Music is a good thing. But what we did not know until we started with the research for this piece: Music is also a pretty damn complex thing. This experimental animation is about the attempt to understand all the parts and bits of it. Have a look. You might agree with our conclusion! Thanks Boing Boing ..read more »

The truth about the period

Walter van den Broek
October 22, 2012
This is a hilarious and excellent reaction on a facebook post made by a man. He complains about the advertisement of Bodyform, a sanitary napkin company. He was disappointed to find out the period wasn't always so happy as depicted in the commercials by Bodyform. He didn't get the metaphor. His comment went viral as noticed on mashable. Watch the excellent response by the company, by the way, the company doesn't have a CEO called Caroline Williams. ..read more »

Why do people use facebook?

Walter van den Broek
July 2, 2012
From those I normally speak about Facebook most of them use Facebook to keep track of their children and/or grandchildren. A Facebook group of medical students mostly use the group during exam periods. In a recent article the authors did a systematic review. They selected 42 articles evidence-based studies on factors contributing to Facebook use. All of these studies examined a population sampled from undergraduate and graduate schools. These studies do not represent those Facebook users that mostly use it to keep track of their relatives. After a description of all the possibilities with Facebook they started with the sociodemographic variables .....read more »

Twitter Fact and Figures

Walter van den Broek
May 16, 2012
Interesting figures from jefbullas.com. These are the facts and figures from Twitter, my favorite microblogging platform. In this post he present figures and statistics for seven major social networks with embedded infographics for each social media network. ..read more »

404, the story of a page not found

Walter van den Broek
May 14, 2012
Very funny talk Oops! Nobody wants to see the 404: Page Not Found. But as Renny Gleeson shows us, while he runs through a slideshow of creative and funny 404 pages, every error is really a chance to build a better relationship. ..read more »

How the internet can read your mind

Walter van den Broek
May 2, 2012
Short cartoon video on the subject of deduction by computers of your friends, habits and messages in order to read your mind Think you can hide your personal data by choosing not to reveal information online? Even if you're a social media prude, advanced software algorithms can glean a surprising amount of detail about your life. For example, even though most people on Facebook choose not to reveal their physical addresses, it's possible to infer the general location of the majority of users based on the few who do. Similar software can figure out who is likely to be your friend and .....read more »

Analysis of a Dutch Social Network: Hyves

Walter van den Broek
May 1, 2012
An interesting article in PLos One on an online networking service that is very popular in The Netherlands. It has a relatively large proportion of the population as members. The author used a dataset obtained from this Dutch service: Hyves. Some interesting results from this extensive data analyses. Young people roughly between 10 and 25 years of age are overrepresented as a share of the population, more demographic facts can be found in the free accessible article published in PLos One The structure of the Hyves network follows the regularities found in other large complex networks. This can be summarized as two different .....read more »