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My 2013 year in blogging

Walter van den Broek
January 1, 2014
My annual report from 2013 on blogging with this blog. Check it out, just click here. ..read more »

My blog in year 2012

Walter van den Broek
December 31, 2012
Today pleasantly surprised by a overview of my blog in 2012. This is due to the use of a wordpress plugin called jetpack. Looks nice doesn't it. Here are the results in a overview of 2012 in blogging. Promise to do the same coming year. Have a healthy and happy 2013. ..read more »

The New Grand Round is Up at Dr. Deb

Walter van den Broek
August 10, 2011
Dr. Deb is a psychologist and practicing psychoanalyst who just published her book: Living with Depression: Why Biology and Biography Matter along the Path to Hope and Healing. She also did a wonderful job with the new grand round of medblogs. Grand Rounds is a weekly round up of the best health blog posts on the Internet. Each week a different blogger takes turns hosting - me this time around - and summarizes the submissions of the week. As a music lover, I thought I'd give Grand Rounds a vintage vinyl feel. So please make sure your phonographs are ready to go. .....read more »

A Hard Doc’s Life Rap

Walter van den Broek
February 5, 2011
From my funny colleagues over at ZDoggMD, slightly funnier than placebo. Talented guys, find their songs improving very fast. Be sure to vote for them on Medgadget vote's for Best New Medical Weblog of 2010 ..read more »

What is your personal blogging style

Walter van den Broek
January 17, 2011
How do you experience, perceive your blogging? This is a different question from why do you blog, or your motivation for blogging. This question is more about your blogging style. Well they have an questionnaire for that and it's recently validated. A total of 182 bloggers (87 males, 95 females; age range 18–64 years) recruited from MySpace.com participated in the study. So I'm not in it. And this is what they found: 4 styles to choose from: The Therapeutic Blogging style is a style that is open and expressive, focused on affective exchange and symptom relief, and more directed to the concerns of .....read more »

5 Things Physicians can learn from Pilots

Walter van den Broek
January 13, 2011
This is an excellent post on MedCrunch, a new kid on the blogosphere. But they're so true I couldn't resist reposting them, for the full story please visit MedCrunch These 5 things are: Always double check Follow and respect guidelines (evidence based medicine vs. eminence based medicine) Training, training, training Do what you can do best and ask others for the rest Respect your collegues A new kind of online magazine covering health, medicine, entrepreneurship and technology all centered around new trends and the challenge of being a physician For more on MedCrunch and their topics, authors please read here ..read more »

Scientia Pro Publica #47

Walter van den Broek
December 6, 2010
The new edition of this excellent blog carnival is up at Providentia. the best science, medical, and environmental writing on the web ..read more »

Grand Rounds: Being Thankful

Walter van den Broek
November 24, 2010
The Thanksgiving 2010 edition of Grand Rounds is up at Amanda Brown's facebook page. The theme is gratitude. It's probably the first time the Grand Round is on a Facebook page. So go over to Amanda Brown for an excellent read and selection of posts from Medblogs. At this time of year, I always stop and think about what I'm thankful for, and this year I'd say the medical blogging community is definitely on my list. ..read more »

Evernote and “Read It Later”

Walter van den Broek
November 9, 2010
When I started blogging I used Google Notebook a lot. Whenever coming across an interesting website, blogpost, video, with just one click it was saved into Google Notebook. Used it for blogging but also for the other aspects of my live such as work, science and education. Unfortunately Google decided to stop the development of Google Notebook. They're starting something new, a Chrome extension for Web Clipboard, but to late and to buggy for my taste to even try it. Moreover, my work flow has changed a lot since than and I am not switching again. Started using Evernote first .....read more »

Why do you Blog?

Walter van den Broek
October 11, 2010
Why does someone write a personal blog and not simply use the Internet for taking in media content? Personal blogs are composed of shorter posts concerning the blogger’s life in contrast to filter blog. Filter blogs are devoted to external information, such as politics or news and are far better researched than personal blogs. From recent research the following motives in order of importance were discovered for personal blogging: motivate, help, and encourage others by sharing information, as well as to communicate their knowledge and skills to share information with and communicate with friends and family members with whom they may not talk .....read more »