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How to remember where things are or where did I leave my IPhone?

Dr Shock
October 1, 2008
Where would we be without all the new gadgets. Names, phone numbers, directions, appointments we use digital devices to remember them. But were did I leave my iPhone, GPS, telephone? Before the gadgets we used to be looking for our keys, wallet, glasses. So Object–location memory is now even more vitally important for many daily-life activities. How does the brain automatically process where important things are? Characteristics of object–location memory: Object location is an important ability for evolution of mankind. Where did I leave my food, ax and so on. The use of tools and private material possessions has increased .....read more »

Top Memory Hacks

Dr Shock
August 24, 2008
Writing things down, on paper or on-screen, is the best way to make sure you remember important info and tasks, but sometimes you've got to rely on your plain old brain to keep essential data sorted and handy. Whether it's a client's name, a password or combination you want stored only in your head, or answers for an upcoming test, there are plenty of techniques and tools to help you lock in important stuff and pull it out when needed. Nap to improve memory. Researchers in Israel report a daytime nap may help memory -- especially for those learning more than .....read more »

Brain Fitness: Use it or Loose it

Dr Shock
May 2, 2008
In this edition of our newsletter we bring a few articles and recent news pieces that shed light on what "Use It or Lose It" means, and why we can start going beyond that to say "Use It and Improve It."On Sharp BrainsPicture from Sharp Brains ..read more »

Forgetting May Be Part of the Process of Remembering – New York Times

Dr Shock
June 5, 2007
Forgetting May Be Part of the Process of Remembering - New York TimesInteresting article in Nature Neuroscience.In all, this research suggests that memories are more often crowded out than lost. An ideal memory improvement program, Dr. Anderson said, “would include a course on how to impair your memory. Your head is full of a surprising number of things that you don’t need to know.” ..read more »

Memory psychology for a general audience

Dr Shock
May 10, 2007
This site from the University of Amsterdam has several memory tests. You can do as many as you like. The tests are in several different languages such as English, Italian, Japanese. Polish and Portuguese. The're different memory test e.g about your favorite movies, daily news test and a training course for your memory capabillities.I tried the Daily News Memory Test, scored 78,6% of the man with same age and interest in news and education. What did you score on this test?Visit: www.memory.uva.nl ..read more »