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The facts about Electroconvulsive Therapy

Walter van den Broek
May 3, 2012
Nice educational video for patients about ECT, made by the University of New South Wales in Australia. ..read more »

History of ECT

Walter van den Broek
February 20, 2012
At the Museo di Storia della Medicina della Sapienza at the University of Rome they are organizing an exhibition around the Bini–Cerletti apparatus for the administration of electro-shock. The authors are very careful in expressing their appreciation for this therapy. They disregarding the period of development of treatment of severe mental illness in that period. Consisting of much more dangerous treatment alternatives. Moreover, littel is mentioned about the improvement of technique, apparatus and indications for treatment with ECT. In Italy the use of ECT is very rare. Italian colleagues regret this, they would also would like to have the possibility .....read more »

Electroconvulsive Therapy Patient Information Video

Walter van den Broek
February 13, 2012
Excellent information in this video about Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) from Medicana life. Haven't written about ECT for a while, hope you find all the information on this site useful. The information about ECT is carefully selected by me, a psychiatrist with special interest in ECT and depression. Related posts on ECT can be found down this blog post. Another short introduction especially on indications for ECT by Dr Daniel Carlat can be found online here ..read more »

Depression and ECT Information on Video

Walter van den Broek
August 9, 2011
Dr. Richard Jaffe, Depression on "The 10! Show" from EinsteinHealth on Vimeo. Clear and short explanation on depression and it's treatment, including ECT by Richard Jaffe MD. Richard Jaffe discussed the “winter blues” and some of the treatment options that are available to those suffering with depression. He also highlighted some of the new refinements that have been made in Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) ..read more »

ECT An Update

Walter van den Broek
April 3, 2011
ECT, current practice View more presentations from vdbroekw Last Friday had the pleasure of doing a presentation on the current practice of ECT for lay public. It was during the Publieksdag for the 140th birthday of the Dutch Association of Psychiatry during the annual conference in Amsterdam. Also found some excellent information on ECT on the Internet: A concise description mainly on the procedure Electroconvulsive therapy: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia Medscape about Electroconvulsive therapy, a clear and thorough discussion about ECT Some older article: Electroconvulsive Therapy - NIH Consensus Statements - NCBI Bookshelf Well written information .....read more »

Shock: Electroconvulsive Therapy

Walter van den Broek
November 13, 2010
Short video about electro convulsive therapy (ECT) with people who have been there. Nuanced narrative with the positive and negative aspects of ECT ..read more »

ECT Hands On Experience

Walter van den Broek
July 12, 2010
Aqua is a very good writer, an inspiration for this old doctor. Recently see underwent ECT and is writing her experiences with this treatment on her blog: honestly, nuanced and informative. Not all is good news, but than you will not undergo ECT for nothing and she has been there. Please read her first post on this subject on her blog: ECT 1, Making The Decision, hope a lot will follow. ..read more »

How is ECT depicted in the British Press?

Walter van den Broek
March 19, 2010
From all the newspapers in the last seven years in British national newspapers about 348 mentioned ECT or electroconvulsive therapy or electroshock and it's other synonyms. Overall 111 articles (31,9%) portrayed ECT negatively, 198 articles were neutral and 39 were positive. A substantial comment on ECT was published in 44 (12,6%) articles. The negative comments (14/16) were published in liberal newspapers whereas most positive comments about ECT (10/12) were published in conservative newspapers. Overall most depictions of ECT were neutral, with smaller numbers of negative (111) and positive (39) representations. Not bad compared to the depiction of ECT in Hollywood movies. Euba .....read more »

Blogging About ECT, Hands on Experience

Walter van den Broek
November 12, 2009
The best information in health care is from patients who have been there. Those who underwent treatment, suffer from a certain illness. It's the kind of hands on experience physicians can't deliver. On this blog I have collected some examples of these "hands on experiences". Some recent posts were written about ECT by them with hands on experience. Aqua on Vicarious Therapy wrote a post on ECT and media portrayals of depression treatment options. She is irritated by the negative portrayal of ECT in the media. It irritates me, (and does not help me explain potential treatments to concerned family .....read more »

ECT Update A Year Later

Walter van den Broek
October 22, 2009
This courageous young woman Rachel Star (on twitter) tells about the negative an positive aspects of ECT, a year later. Very impressive story from someone who has been there and is getting along. A kind of sequel of a video at the beginning of this year just before and during the course of ECT on this blog: Hands on experience on video about electroshock therapy. A young woman and her mother on this video about ECT. Very impressive story about having ECT, side-effects and how she improved on ECT. ..read more »