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Florence Nightingale was also a statician

Walter van den Broek
March 3, 2014
In this video about a new exhibition, the British Library pays homage to the important role data visualisation plays in the scientific process. In this Nature Video, curator Johanna Kieniewicz explores some beautiful examples of visualisations, past and present. One of the first in this video is a diagram made by Florence Nightingale in which she showed how poor sanitation cost more lives of soldiers then their wounds. Soldiers got preventable diseases especially in hospitals. With sanitary reforms there was a dramatic reduction of deaths during the war.It changed the world, it changed science. ..read more »

Video Games can make you smarter

Walter van den Broek
January 23, 2014
We've been on this subject several times before. This short video sums it up nicely, enjoy. Want to see a real serious game for training physicians? Be sure to check out ABCDESim. ..read more »

Smartphone addiction quiz

Walter van den Broek
December 16, 2013
Certificate: Test results Smartphone addiction quiz Not bad! Your score is below average (you are in the bottom 30% of all scores). It would seem that, according to this scale, you probably don't have a smartphone habit that is causing you problems in your day-to-day life.   Take this quiz: Smartphone addiction quiz ..read more »

The Lost Beatles Solo

Walter van den Broek
September 14, 2013
http://youtu.be/B1RxdeqxF-U In this video we see Sir George Martin, Giles Martin (his son), and Dhani Harrison listening to the mix of "Here Comes The Sun". Suddenly Dhani opens the channel with the "lost solo guitar". And now, with the master track in the background, you can hear how it sounds in music. That was George Harrison. A true genius. ..read more »

Transition to clerkship

Walter van den Broek
September 5, 2013
For medical students the transition to clerkship can be a "shock of practice". They usually have to get around in a field very strange to them, due to the stress they almost forget everything they have learned the previous 3-4 years. Thanks to Annemarie Cunningham I came across a third year med students blog. She wrote an interesting post about: Be nice, be humble, be interested: advice received for clerkship. She has compiled some of the wonderful advice that she has received in a list. She also wrote a post about the transition, worthwhile your time to read. This post will .....read more »

My first live encounter with a 3d printer

Walter van den Broek
August 8, 2013
[video width="303" height="540" m4v="http://www.shockmd.com/wp-content/3d-printer-Breedband.m4v"][/video] Incredible the possible uses for a 3d printer in medicine. Replacing jaw bones or other facial structures after printing the protheses in exact size, making al kinds of research instruments which otherwise could not be made. Didn't realize these advantages of 3d printers in medicine before. Until this morning after meeting with Wouter Sjoerdsma, Medical Device Developer at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. He also writes a blog: Onderzoeksapparatuur in Dutch. For more information about the use of 3d pinters and medicine see his blog post in Dutch ..read more »

If this was your mother doc?

Walter van den Broek
August 5, 2013
https://twitter.com/DrShock/status/363176367938367488   Question often asked by relatives when explaining the pros and cons of different treatment options. In order to be able to answer this question one should first have to know the mother since not all mothers are alike... Good read. ..read more »

What’s ZDoggMD up to?

Walter van den Broek
August 4, 2013
[embed width="500" height="281"]http://youtu.be/QLqrjLBV95o[/embed] ZDoggMD aka "physician Zubin Damania, Director of Healthcare Development for Downtown Project Las Vegas, has a plan to fight back against a system that can dehumanize doctors and patients alike." Admiring his creativity in producing rap videos about medical subjects, just found out what he's up to in Las Vegas. Impressive project, hope he will continue his health advocacy with his witty and funny rap songs. Reaching out to the new generation. ..read more »

What does the doctor do when the patient discriminates?

Walter van den Broek
July 31, 2013
https://twitter.com/DrShock/status/361027631728168961   ..read more »

Back Again

Walter van den Broek
June 25, 2013
My blog was put in quarantaine. Luckily the boys and girls from the hosting service cleared it again today. Don't know what happened yet but will find out. Happy to be back. Missed you'll. Thanks for your patience. ..read more »