To Check Your Breasts or Not, That is the Question

breasts exam

Only 35% of women regularly check their breasts for signs of cancer – and 23% seldom or never do, a survey suggests.

On BBC NEWS Health the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer surveyed 2,005 women aged between 18 and 64. With the above reported results.

But is this low percentage of women checking their breasts a problem?

Not according a recent update of a Cochrane Review discussed in excellent post by Laika’s MedLibLog about The (un)usefulness of regular breast exam.

The trouble is that the Cochrane Review itself is of high quality, but two of the randomized studies included, one from Russia (1999: ~122,500 participants) and one from Shanghai (2002: ~266,000 participants) have some serious flaws. Moreover, the studies are applicable to healthy, middle-aged woman without any particular risk.

Be sure to read the post over at Laika’s blog. It contains a lot more information and discussion about breasts exam and it’s (un)usefulness.