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Walter van den Broek piWelcome visitors from the Twitter page of Dr Shock. I mostly use twitter for promoting my blog. You can find the homepage of my blog here: Dr Shock MD PhD. Or you can first read about me and the blog.

Nothing secret there. I am a Dutch psychiatrist working in a University hospital treating depressed patients mostly. This explains my interest in electroconvulsive therapy and the development of new forms of neurostimulation for the treatment of depression.

I am also involved in medical education and research in the treatment and neuroscience of depression. I write this blog for fun and to keep up with recent developments. Besides writing about my work I also write about other subjects that (neuro)stimulates me such as chocolate, computer gaming, gadgets, and Internet.

Why a pseudonym?

Doctor Shock is a nickname given to my by our residents. One of the pleasures of working in a University Hospital is educating students and residents. Their use of this nickname is an insider’s term of affection mostly used when being together at parties, dinners and discussing psychiatric problems such as indications for electroconvulsive therapy.

Other uses of Twitter
Some links, posts,sites, and articles found while surfing the web directly find their way to my Twitter page. Quick blogging instead of microblogging? Social networking is fun. With twitter I met several interesting people. You can directly connect with me on Twitter with @DrShock. If you’re not up to speed on twitter terminology, check out the twittonary. Want to stay up to date follow me on Twitter.

You can also find me on my personal website, Facebook, LinkedIn, PBWiki, on Flickr and Friendfeed.

Thanks for visiting this page and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

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