The Diet Plate, food and depression

I have recently written a post about food and depression and how healthy eating might help. Here is another interesting site for help on healthy eating.

The Diet Plate ® system, invented by Kay Illingworth, centres around a portion control plate that literally takes all the guesswork from maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, but can also be learned from sites as That means there’s no counting calories, points or fat grams and no denial of essential food groups, so it doesn’t rely on having to eat starchy carbohydrate one day and protein the next.

They have studied the use of this plate with patients with type 2 diabetes in clinical trials. The results off this study are promising so they say. The article is being reviewed, but they already mention the effects being very positive. As stated earlier:

Research in this area is still underway so it is not possible to draw any firm conclusions but the evidence does suggest that it is worth trying to follow a healthy diet in order to protect our mental health.