Electroshock (ECT) Round Up

This blog about depression and it’s treatment especially with ECT is in the air for a while. I hope a lot of readers benefit from these scribbles. The truth be told, I learn a lot from writing these articles. Mostly I gather a lot of information for my work as a psychiatrist which end somewhere in a drawer or the “round archive” without being read at all. Since writing this blog I actually read them and when appropriate post the information on my blog. Surfing on the net nowadays is always accompanied by the question: Is this information relevant, blogable?
Now I take the privilege today to look back on my posts and make a round up of the most important sites with information about ECT relevant for interested readers in this subject, hope you like it.

1. About ECT for bipolar disorder from healthyplace.com, also more general information about ECT, the procedure, side effects.

2. Take it easy on ECT. Opinion of a patient treated with ECT about the side effects and the discussions about this topic in the media.

3. Another patient’s opinion about ECT and it’s side effects adding to the discussion in the media.

4. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT): Treating severe depression and mental illness. Information by the Mayo Clinic. Very informative for patients facing the choice.

5. ECT get’s a makeover. On ABC News, the opinion of patients and doctors.