Rule the Web, book review

This book by Mark Frauenfelder, the founding editor of holds a treasure of useful information on the WEB. It’s a guide to getting things done with the web. It has a companion website which to my opinion doesn’t ad much to all the information in this book. The book is divided in 11 chapters. The first chapter is about creating and sharing, it has a lot of information on building websites, blogs, wikis and what have you, on the web. Chapter 2 holds information about browsing and searching the web. Mainly about Google, but then this is the best search engine. Next chapter is about selling and shopping: how to find promo codes and ebay tricks are some of the discussed topics. Chapter 4 is about health, exercise, and sports and chapter 5 about media and entertainment. This last chapter is full of information about movies, how can I play movies on ipod, how do I play old msdos games on my computer and so on. The chapter about travel and sightseeing not only suggest sites to plan your trip or to make a travelblog but also practical information about finding cheap hotels, the best seats on a particular plane. The chapters work, organisation productivity and communication have tips for email, skype, projects, bookmarks. The chapters Toolbox and Protecting and maintaining have a lot of information about how to keep your computer healthy and protect and improve your hardware. In conclusion the best information on getting things done with the web. The book is not for continuous reading although it is written accessibly, it is an excellent dictionary for the web.

My favorite tips from Rule the Web:

1. How can I get promo codes when shopping online
2. How can I search for a book on more than one site at once?
3. How can I plan a vacation with my friends