Ingmar Bergman depressed?

The death yesterday of Swedish cinema legend Ingmar Bergman drew stirring tributes in his homeland as well as other countries form all over the world. An article on drew my attention to the fact that Ingmar Bergman suffered form depression. He was hospitalised for depression. According to a biography it was in the year 1976 which was a traumatic one in the life of Ingmar Bergman. On January 30, while rehearsing Strindberg’s “Dance of Death” at Stockholm’s Royal Dramatic Theatre, he was arrest by two plainclothes policeman, booked like a common criminal, and charged with income-tax fraud. The impact of the event on Bergman was devastating. He suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of the humiliation and was hospitalized in a state of deep depression. Even though the charges were later dropped, Bergman was for a while inconsolate, fearing he would never again return to directing. He eventually recovered from the shock, but despite pleas by the Swedish prime minister, high public figures, and leaders of the film industry, he vowed never to work again in Sweden. This is confirmed on another website about film directors.
Never knew this before.

“I think it’s difficult to understand and to fully comprehend the enormous contribution Bergman made to cinema and theatre, not only in Sweden but also abroad.”