Homeopathy or poison for depression or mourning

Homeopathy claims that their pills go with your individual symptoms of depression and personality. Ignatius for instances cures “depression” after a loved one’s death. Ignatius is made from the ignatius bean. Ignatius beans were frequently used as a cheap strychnine substitute for Strychnos nux vomica, strychnine. Ignatius beans are used chiefly as a homeopathic remedy, administered in very small doses because of extreme toxicity. Improper dosage-internal consumption of as little as a fraction of an ounce – can result in muscle spasms and painful convulsions and even death by asphyxiation.
Not only are homeopathic “medicines” usually expensive, their efficacy is not scientifically tested.
Recently there has been a debate about depression in the British Medical Journal. Gordon Parker defended the opinion that depression is over diagnosed. At first I didn’t want to support his point of view, but calling mourning a depression as is done in this article promoting homeopathy for treating depression makes me uncertain again.