When are you eligible for a trial with deep brain stimulation

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Patients may be appropriate candidates for investigational studies into deep brain stimulation for depression if they meet the following criteria. (They should know that the procedure is invasive and only experimental at this point.)

1) have a diagnosis of major depression (bipolar patients are not currently being enrolled)
2) have had the illness for at least five years and are significantly disabled by it
3) current episode of depression has lasted for at least two years
4) has failed at least four trials of antidepressants (at least two different classes) as well as augmentation with at least two agents known to be effective in this group (lithium, thyroid, antipsychotics, stimulants)
5) no psychotic symptoms outside of an episode of depression (patient cannot currently be psychotic)
6) no severe personality disorder present which would interfere with safety or compliance
7) past treatment with ECT to which the patient has either been refractory or intolerant
8) ability to comply with study demands (monthly visits, prolonged testing visits, etc.)