This Week’s Grand Round along Dutch Medblogs

Jan of is busy visiting a congres. You can read a report about this symposium on Frankwatching (in Dutch). But this didn’t stop Jan from writing on his blog. He discusses a recent article in NEJM about how to deal with medical errors.

Confabula has three articles about Bariatric Surgery.
One of the articles she discusses in her first blog article is from the Archives of Surgery.

Martijn Hulst writes about the Global Health Hub: Singapore. On What about Grandma?. It is about selling posters on ebay and the money goes to the Alzheimer foundation, a worthy cause. On 100%Mike you can pick your clip: ABBA or Tina Turner. Or go to vrouwmenszorg for works of Joan Armatrading.

Medical students on the oldest university of The Netherlands in Leiden have lousy scores on a their annual test compared to other Dutch universities. Aria Rad has some thoughts about that.

On Huize Sonnendaal is one of the authors trying to quit smoking with SuperSmoker (in English). Good Luck. On hotline to home it is about smoking again.

Dr Lutser has a nice video of jetfighter passenger having a “good time”, excellent narrative from the pilot. Fight shortage of nurses by extending part-time work with 2 hours extra each parttimer. Is it that simple.
Recipe of quesadillas with ham and gourgette on manindezorg.
Managerzorg has managed to put a slide show on her blog, nice pictures of nurses in white uniforms.

Are the ambulances going on strike somewhere next month? See the paramedics blog.
5 Causes for exceeding the budget for employees on

Dr Shock likes games but so does Zr Nitro.

Specialized Emergency Nurses on ER departments are very capable of handling strained ankles on their own.
Ever wondered what a GEA bypass was? ECGreetje has it in Dutch, but also a terrific link to an English explanation with pictures

What are the consequences of growing up as a child of a parent with Huntington’s disease. A recent study:Van der Meer L, Timman R, Trijsburg W, Duisterhof M, Erdman R, Van Elderen T, Tibben A.
Attachment in families with Huntington’s disease: A paradigm in clinical genetics.
Patient Education and Counseling 2006; 63(1-2):246-254. This study is discussed on Huntington daily
Want to know more about medical libaries and second life start here at digicmb
in English. Critique on HealthVault from Microsoft on zorggemak in English. is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment according to zo-communicatie. Go have a look at in pbwiki style.