4 Links to Health News

I mainly write about depression, electroconvulsive therapy, psychiatry, neuroscience, education and other medical topics. And in this order. Mostly I try to write articles, sometimes links to interesting news related to health and health care. Today I have some interesting links for you, a summary of recent news related to health care and health. Hope you like them. Happy reading.

1. Do you know what a hospitalist is? Well I didn’t until I read these posts on Clinical Cases and Images: definition of hospitalists and blogs from hospitalists

2.Bush is sending government officials to The Netherlands to learn from their health insurance.

The Netherlands, which has shifted insurance from employers to individuals and subsidized insurance for the poor, is a particularly appealing model for many in the U.S.

On Wall Street Journal Health Blog.

3. Participants Left Uninformed in Some Halted Medical Trials from The New York Times

When Congress passed a bill last month requiring makers of drugs and medical devices to disclose the results of clinical trials for all approved products, advocates of greater study disclosure applauded the move.But a provision that would have mandated disclosures for another group of products never made it into the final version of the bill. It would have covered products tested on patients, but dropped before marketing.

This way patients and professionals can be kept unaware of outcome of trials with devices that will not reach the market.
Thanks Pharmalot.com

4. The Quit Smoking Counter.
This site counts the time since you quit smoking and the amount of money you saved by not smoking since then. It also clarifies the physical benefits of quiting.