2008 Conference on Happiness and Its Causes

This is a comment in a blog post on Trusted.MD about this years conference. Get a taste and check the prices before you sign up for next years conference in Sydney

I’ve been thinking about happiness more than usual for a few days, ever since receiving a brochure describing a grand conference in Sydney, Australia on Happiness And Its Causes. The event, sponsored by the Vajrayana Institute, a Buddhist think tank, took place in early June. It attracted a sellout audience of over 3,000 delegates. The featured speaker was The Dalai Lama. A conference report at the event website noted that his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama spoke about ‘Happiness in a Material World in 2007.’ Other speakers included noted American happiness experts Richard J. Davidson (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Stephen Post (Case University), Alan Wallace (Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies) and Tal Ben-Shahar and Daniel Gilbert (Harvard) and Martin Seligmann (University of Pennsylvania).