Depression doesn’t exist

Bruce E. Levine thinks that depression is a normal, albeit painful, human reaction. Because no biological markers for depression have been discovered, scanning techniques delivers conflicting results and the serotonin hypothesis of depression can’t be proved we shouldn’t consider depression being a disease. According to his post Why I Don’t Disease Depression in the Huffington Post.

Don’t know the man but is he a left over from the seventies of the previous century? Where has he been? Following his line of reasoning all other psychiatric diseases would also be a painful reaction. PTSD? Sorry but that are the consequences when you go to war, shit happens. Schizophrenia well bad luck either. Back to the Anti psychiatry? Again questioning the existence of psychiatric diseases.

Even most somatic illnesses lack biological markers nor signs on CT scans.

An insulting post to all of them suffering from depression

Discussions such as these around over diagnosing depression in the British Medical Journal are far more informative and based on intellectual arguments