2 Fun Sites for Brain and Human Anatomy

Two sites with interactivity to learn the human anatomy as child play. BrainConnection has an enormous wealth of information about the brain.
It has:

and a lot more

BrainConnection.com is dedicated to providing accessible, high-quality information about how the brain works and how people learn.

Thanks Dr Confabula

The other website is a site about human anatomy WinkingSkull.com. It is an anatomy Web site used by medical students to study various body parts. It goes into incredible detail and breaks down different sections of the body into countless numbers of images. If you have found the image you were looking for you can turn the body part labels on or off and take a quiz to test your knowledge. Registration is free.

WinkingSkull.com is designed to let you study anatomy and test yourself on must-know concepts. You can gauge your proficiency against a handy timer and see your test results instantly.

Thanks New York Times