Linux for Clinics

I started with Linux a long time ago. It is fun. You can tweak your operating system the way you want it. Back then linux wasn’t as user friendly as it is now a days. I still have a weak spot for this sympathetic operating system. Most of my computer games I still play on a linux box. The Linux For Clinics (LFC) Project consists of a team of people who have a common interest in health, medicine, humanity and free and open source software (FOSS). They have build a version of linux for clinicians based on the UBUNTU distribution. One of the most user friendly and recent distributions.

With the Grand Opening of our new (and PERMANENT) website we also present to you:

# Several Practice Management Suites available in our ‘Downloads’ section that you can test and critique as well as our default theme that anyone with Ubuntu installed can see 🙂
# A Public Forum to make bug reports, make comments/suggestions and discuss the future of LFC

They have created software for Practice Management for Clinicians.
Their download section lists the releases, the Practice Management Suites and other important software related to Linux For Clinics.