The Future of Search Engines and How Search Engines Around the World Look like

Future search will depend heavily on what the engine knows about you: Where you live, what your friends like, and what you’ve found useful in the past. It’s unlikely that the average consumer will invest time and effort in building redundant online personas across several search engines in order to improve results.

Users make very little use of advanced search facilities, they assume that search engines understand their query’s. Many new search sites are trying to build a better mousetrap by trying new appraoches. You can read about the reasons why the World Needs Another Way to Search?


Always wondered how search engines look like in different countries?

All in all, Yahoo and MSN seemed to have the most interesting changes among countries. Please note that we didn’t take screenshots from all of the countries out there. We just tried to find the more interesting pages out there that had something different compared to others. For the best viewing experience, click on each image to enlarge it. Once you click on one image, just use your arrow keys to flip through all of the images.

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