Games for Health 2008


We’re beginning to finalize our program for Games for Health 2008 on May 8-9 in Baltimore.

We’re planning close to 40 sessions including sessions on epidemiology in World of Warcraft, Game Addicition, Nurse Training, Rehabitainment, and a special session with some of the biggest companies in healthcare.

Stay tuned there is much more to come but click through to see some of the great content planned thus far for our largest event yet!

This is the announcement for the new conference. A lot of interesting subjects will be presented in sessions about (computer) games in health care.

For example:

The Case of the Food Detective Game

In this session Kaiser Permanente presents a case study of its Amazing Food Detective Game ( The game, aimed at children ages 9-10 and available to everyone at, complements Kaiser Permanente’s nationally recognized childhood obesity clinical strategy. Based on a popular character from Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Program, the Amazing Food Detective takes children through activities that show how to choose healthy foods and get more active. Children playing the game follow the routines of eight culturally diverse children whose activities or conditions would benefit from healthy food and exercise choices.

Ever wondered what exergaming was? So did I. Well go and see for yourself

The History of Exergaming
While exergaming is widely considered a recent emerging game genre it actually is a style of videogame that has existed for quite some time. Exergaming in fact has a close to 30 year history of development activity. In this well researched session attendees will be exposed to a deep history of exergaming products that offers some important insights into one of the most successful areas of the games for health field.

There is much much more on Games for Health