ECT Treatment Number 2

A short description and a correction in this second post on The Angie by someone undergoing ECT treatment.

During ECT you are normally not intubated, this procedure only applies to pregnant women in their third trimester. They need to be intubated due to risks of regurgitation of gastric content.

The misunderstanding results from the mouth guard to protect your teeth during stimulation. Due to direct stimulation of the masseter your teeth are clenched. Like in the picture accompanying this post. The stimulation duration is only 4-8 seconds. After that the mout guard can be removed.

Weight loss

The tempting foods aren’t the enemy, but controlling how you respond to those temptations makes all the difference in the battle of the holiday bulge. Many people struggle with keeping a healthy weight even after trying out different diets and exercises, if you are one of them then you should attend this MGB Treatment Webinar for more information on surgical weight loss procedures.