3 Health Portals

Other blog such as clinical cases and Medgadget also discovered the news around Google Health. For some screen shots see Dr Shock. Eye on FDA also reviews Google Health:

It is a pretty neat concept and, as a big fan of Google myself, I can say that it maintains Google standards for easy maneuverability and is extremely friendly for the user. If you use a Google Reader as an aggregator – this is far easier to negotiate. You put in a few details about yourself, including your medications and already can gain access to a good deal of interesting information.

The other contester looking for your medical history is Microsoft with HealthVault. A screen shot is on the top of this post. You will need a LiveID or create one. Tried to create a LiveID, very difficult, it kept complaining about the strength of my password. Even medium strength was not enough, doesn’t sound hopeful if they even don’t trust their own system.

The website of the Canadian Medical Association has it’s own system for patient information and medical history: http://www.mydoctor.ca Health Portal

The new portal, created by Practice Solutions, a CMA company, allows physicians to register their patients with any or all of the online tools the portal offers – asthma tracker, blood pressure tool and weight tracker and a personal health record. Designed by physicians, the portal also provides secure messaging, ensuring a private channel of communication between patient and doctor.
“This service really shows the role of technological innovation in raising the standards of health care delivery in Canada,” said Dr. Brian Day, President of the CMA. “The mydoctor.ca Health Portal provides a new way for physicians to give each patient the care and attention they deserve while also empowering patients to become active participants in their care.”

Here is a screen shot of the patient’s dashboard.

You can read the Press release about mydoctor.ca