Dr Shock is Back

Jack Daniels
While on vacation I didn’t suffer from blog withdrawal. Had to post about some grand rounds that were so kind to allow one of my posts to be included.

This resulted in a reprimand by Dr Confabula. She writes an excellent blog in Dutch, more focused on medical students. If you can read Dutch have a look. She has a wiki in which she categorizes here posts by subject.

This gave me the idea of summarizing some of my own posts on a subject and write chapters about these subjects in a wiki.I can make them available for download as pdf. Topics could be genes and depression, treatment resistant depression, adolescents and depression, neurostimulation etc.

What do you think, does this fill a need or is it extra work for which no one is waiting?

Please let me know in the comments.

While on vacation I did have some time to reflect on my blog. A wide range of subjects? Posts about blogging, getting things done, soccer and pens all though part of my interest might be to much away from the writing of a psychiatrist. Maybe I should keep focus on psychiatry as a medical specialty consisting of research and education as well as patient care. What do you think? Please let me know in the comments.

Another new development is the building of a new design for my blog and switching to another blog platform. WordPress. I have registered a domain name and requested a design with E.Webscapes. Will let you know when it is up.

Tried blogging for more than one year and found it to be fun and of benefit. So I decided to follow the advice of far better and more experienced bloggers to get a domain name and a design. Might need your help with the design later on.

Also registered a Dutch domain name for Dutch readers. This domain points at the same domain name but is probably better to remember for Dutch readers.

The hardest part during my vacation was missing you all, my readers, commenter’s, and colleague blog writers. Now I know what they mean by social media. So the first weekend after my return read the entire RSS reader for an update on how you all were doing (more than a 1000 posts).

In case you wonder were I have been: Switzerland and Sardinia. As you know Switzerland is famous for there chocolate. Will definitely keep on posting about chocolate no matter what. In Switzerland they have an enormous amount of different kind of chocolates, even with Jack Daniels in it (see the picture above).
For some recent photos from Switzerland and Sardinia you can visit ectweb on Flickr.