Wine is Healthy

red wine

Digestion breaks down lipids into hydroperoxides. (Cooked meats are worse.) The stomach acts as a “bioreactor”– the longer time the food/fat spends there, the greater the lipid peroxidation. An experiment with rats found that eating a meal soaked in red wine completely blocked the the generation of malondialdehyde, a common lipid peroxidation cytotoxin.Humans who ate the meal and drank a 200ml (1/4 bottle) of wine had a 75% reduction in MDA as compared to no wine.

From The Last Psychiatrist

He also explains why wine is not healthy due to it’s antioxydants, but luckily he found another “healthy” mechanism of action.

So Dr Shock not only has to eat chocolate after dinner but also drink more red wine, or is Port even better? I wonder…….