Did Barack Obama Use The Computer for Videogames?

I guess not. Although African American males were the least intense users of computers and the Internet, length of time using computers and the Internet was a positive predictor of academic performance. So he probably didn’t waist his time with videogames because the amount of time spent playing videogames was a negative predictor.

For your information Barack Obama’s education: B.A. in international relations, 1983, Columbia University. J.D. from Harvard Law School, where he was Editor of the Harvard Law Review.

So is Dr Shock going into politics? Never. But he sure follows the news and the democratic convention.

What about African American females?
African American females were the most intense users of the Internet, using the Internet more often than did any other group.The groups were Afro American males and females and Caucasian males and females. Overall females used cell phones more than did males, but African American females used them most. Females were more likely than males to use technology to connect with others.This last observation is consistent with previous research.

What has race to do with it?
Males, regardless of race, were the most intense videogame players, and females, regardless of race, were the most intense cell phone users.

Were does all this come from?

This research examined race and gender differences in the intensity and nature of IT use and whether IT use predicted academic performance. A sample of 515 children (172 African Americans and 343 Caucasian Americans), average age 12 years old, completed surveys as part of their participation in the Children and Technology Project.

The bottom line is that there are race and gender differences in the intensity and nature of children’s IT use and of IT use and predicted academic performance.

Overall, our findings suggest a new digital divide based on the interaction of race and gender. African American females have embraced IT, often surpassing in use the presumed technophile, the Caucasian American male, especially in use of the Internet. However, African American males lag behind other groups in their IT use, with one notable exception: videogame playing.

Bring IT especially computers and Internet early in the lives of young Afro American males.

LINDA A. JACKSON, YONG ZHAO, ANTHONY KOLENIC, HIRAM E. FITZGERALD, RENA HAROLD, ALEXANDER VON EYE (2008). Race, Gender, and Information Technology Use: The New Digital Divide CyberPsychology & Behavior, 11 (4), 437-442