Encephalon celebrates Emerald Anniversary


The new grand round from Encephalon: On August 26th, 2006, the blogger behind Neurophilosophy, launched the Encephalon blog carnival to present, every other week, a selection of the best neuroscience and psychology blog posts.

Welcome to a landmark edition of Encephalon, the cream of the crop of brain science blog carnivals. This is the 55th edition of Encephalon, an anniversary achieved by less than 5% of married couples. Thus, this edition is a testament to the dedication of neuroscience bloggers: they don’t even take vows, yet they still stay committed to providing their readers with scintillating perspectives on developments in brain science.

Just some examples of these interesting posts with topics close to the heart of Dr Shock:

Playing the blame game: Video games stand accused of causing obesity, violence, and lousy grades. But new research paints a surprisingly complicated and positive picture on SharpBrains.

On Cognitive Daily: a look at a study of teenagers’ sexual behavior.

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