China Photographs All Internet Cafe Customers

internet cafe china

The Olympic games have finished so now it is time to reinstall censorship on Internet use in China. In a comment on a recent post about Computer Game Play in China the commenter proclaimed that censorship in China was severely exaggerated.

Since recent:

ALL visitors to internet cafés in Beijing will be required to have their photographs taken in a stringent new control on the public use of cyberspace. All photographs and scanned identity cards will be entered into a city-wide database run by the Cultural Law Enforcement Taskforce. The details will be available in any internet café.

Objections to this new rule have most probably been deleted from the Internet:

The Times searched for online comments on the rules but was unable to find any — often a sign that most commentary has been critical and has therefore been erased. However, a survey by the internet version of the People’s Daily showed that 72 per cent of respondents were opposed to the measure, calling it an infringement of their rights. Just over 26 per cent supported the photographing because it would benefit children.

From The Australian, online newspaper of the year