Dutch Grand Round: Grote Visite


First the admissions to this grand round followed by an at random selection of interesting posts from the dutch medical blogopshere. It is amazing how many Dutch Medblog Posts are in English.

The first is about Lean Thinking in Healthcare by Marjolein Fermie on C3 weblog. Lean is basically about getting the right things to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, while minimising waste and being flexible and open to change.

Laika’s MedLibLog has two important posts about Addison’s Disease. The first is about the trouble diagnosing Addison’s disease, the second post is about the importance of early intervention in Addisonian Crisis. Her own experience with the disease is an extra dimension in these posts.

My own pick from Dutch Medblogs (in English)

On Digicm a post about an AIDS grant for Second Life Project Karuna. The project includes the creation of a new island in Second Life with a community AIDS/HIV library/resource center. The resource center will provide information support and outreach to the Second Life community and beyond about AIDS/HIV and its prevention.

Dokter Luster has a post about the financial cost of the Iraq war with the total cost to the U.S. economy estimated at $3 trillion. He explains how much 3 trillion really is. Oh and muhaha is Dutch for LOL.

Psychophysiology, the new kid on the blog has a link to a Nature publication on the neurobiology of depression.

Cryptocheilus has a stingy post with the US election in pictures, can you guess his preference?

My own pick from Dutch Medblogs (in Dutch):

Dr Confabula also loves dark chocolate. She writes about chocolate addiction.

Both 100% Mike and ECG Greetje write about the ideal song during resuscitation. “Staying alive” from the Bee Gees has the optimal beats per minute (100). I had a look in my iTunes library and found a more contemporary alternative:

Cees Sterk has a review on a new book: Ziekenhuizen veranderen by Leon Lodewick. Leon Lodewick is a hospital crisis manager with a large track record for managing hospitals in trouble. This post by Cees Sterk focuses on the role of medical specialists in hospitals.

The Dutch government is making legislation for a national electronic public health record. Martijn Hulst discusses the comparison with Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault.

On Huntington daily a post about a new unit were 16 patients with Huntington’s disease can live. With video of the unit.

On A Day in the Life of a Shrink his impression of the terracota army of the Chinese Emperor Xi’an.

Well that wraps it up for this week. Post your entries for the next Grote Visite here