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deep brain stimulation

There is a new blog with the written hands on experience of undergoing deep brain stimulation surgery: Focus on a Cure’s Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Journal

This blog is created in the hopes that my experiences will give others inspiration to take a risk and have the courage to face the unknown in order to accomplish the impossible as others have done for me.
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Incredible good insight and information about the whole procedure, especially the whole process before deciding to undergo the procedure.

One thing I was surprised about that after all my research and all my conversations with other DBS patients and doctors no one mentioned the steel ball ear plug portion of the halo/frame procedure. During this portion I asked the surgeon why no one ever mentioned this part he told me it was because most people do not remember it. Well let me be truthful I remember ever second of it and I told him I was going blog about it and let the secret out.

On this blog plenty of posts about the use and indications for Deep Brain Stimulation and on Mind Hacks a short list of things that deep brain stimulation has been used to treat.

Thanks Jan at Medblog.nl