Webnotes for blogging


Some tech talk now. Usually I read RSS feeds in google reader. That is how I stumbled on a post on Webnotes written on How to Split an Atom.

Webnotes seems very handy for my workflow as a blogger. You can make sticky notes and highlight text on websites. You can save and organize these websites with annotations and sticky notes in folders. You can e-mail and permalink the website with your marks and share them.

The real benefit of working with one of these products is their great citation management infrastructure. If you have the need to generate bibliographies in any one of 30,000 formats, go for these guys, you won’t regret it.

Gather web information in a large database full of useful references. Going to try it and will let you know and No they are not paying me.

But I have 10 invitations to the beta version to try it out. Anyone interested?