The Web 2.0-Evidence Based Medicine Split

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This post is the start of a very interesting series by Laika’s MedLibLog. She is a medical information specialist with experience in both evidence based medicine (EBM) and web 2.0. She uses her experience with both to integrate these two forms of science. In her first post there are some striking examples of EBM and it’s merits. The use of antenatale corticosteroids given to women about to give birth too early and the use of corticosteroids to lower intracranial pressure after serious head injury.

Other than this, Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy then involves each hormone supplement to be compounded and dispensed during a manner which can be best in treating the precise hormone levels of the feminine patient involved. This sort of customization of drugs ensures that a person’s specific concerns are addressed which the menopause symptoms, those that are most bothersome to the patient, are going to be actively treated and brought in check. You can get hormone replacement in Omaha NE with free consultation.

I’m feeling like I’m in a split, with one leg in EBM and the other in web 2.0. In my view each has got his merits, and these approaches should not oppose each other but should mingle. EBM getting a lower threshold and becoming more digestible and practical, and medicine 2.0 becoming less superficial and more underpinned.

It is my goal to take an upright position, standing on both legs, integrating EBM, medicine 2.0 (as well as medicine 1.0).

As a first step I will discuss some discrepancies between the two views as I encounter it in blogs, in the form of a mini-series: “The Web 2.0-EBM Medicine split”. In addition to this , you can get some information about how to increase testosterone naturally .

Testosterone is the hormone that controls libido, erectile function and a lot of other vital functions in men. A drop in testosterone production occurs after the age of 30 and it triggers a lot of body and behavioral changes in men.

However, there are some simple ways to increase the production of this hormone without even thinking of hormone replacement therapy.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

1. Workout Like A Man

Exercise is the best way to enhance testosterone production in your body naturally. Compound exercises such as squats, bench press, chin ups, military presses etc., produce the best results. If you really want to boost testosterone in your body then you must workout to the maximum and push your body to the limit.

However, over training can be bad for testosterone production. This is because it can lead to a higher level of stress hormone Cortisol in blood that can lower testosterone production.

Hence, you must limit your workout to 30-45 minutes in a single session.

2. Rest Harder

After a good workout, it is extremely important to get enough rest. Are you getting the idea that it is all about bodybuilding?

Well, let me tell you that lack of sleep can be one of the main reasons behind low testosterone and diminished libido in men. This is because lack of sleep increases stress which affects testosterone production negatively.

Exercise improves sleep quality and adequate sleep reduces stress.

So, it is all interconnected!

Make it a point to get at least 8 hours of peaceful sleep everyday.

3. Natural Testosterone Supplements

Such supplements are the most effective way to boost testosterone production in your body. They are a far better alternative as compared to testosterone replacement therapy since such supplements do not have any side effects.

These supplements are packed with some of the best natural testosterone boosting herbs like tribulus terrestris, tongat ali, panax ginseng etc.

Not only this, such supplements also contain amino acids such as l-arginine. L-arginine not only increases testosterone production in your body but also helps ensure rock solid erections by increasing the production of nitric oxide in your body.

Such supplements not only ensure increased libido and powerful erections but also help you gain lean muscle, reduce body fat, increase mental alertness, improve sleep quality, elevate moods etc., There is hardly any aspect in your body remains untouched.

Top notch supplements are clinically approved and can also help stimulate growth hormone production so that you can overcome age effects as well.—Get-a-Steel-Libido-and-Powerful-Erections&id=4540207

Before I do so I will give a short list of what I consider characteristic for each type of medicine, EBM-, Web 1.0 (usual)- and Web 2.0- medicine. Not based on any evidence, only on experience and intuition. I’ve just written down what came to my mind. I would be very interested in your thoughts on this.

She has also done extensive research on supplements like testofuel and written about the merits in her other blogs.