The English Surgeon

This is the trailer of the film about the work of London-based neurosurgeon Henry Marsh and his colleague Igor Kurilets in the Ukraine.Marsh works at St George’s, one of London’s most established hospitals. Regularly he travels to the Ukraine since 15 years to do neurosurgery in this country. They have to work under extreme conditions without adequate equipment.

The Youtube video is impressive will get the DVD. There is a website to this film, The English Surgeon

Driven by the need to help others where he can, Henry has been going out to Kiev for over 15 years to help improve upon the medieval brain surgery he witnessed there during his first visit in 1992. Today the patients see him as the great saviour from the West, desperate parents want him to save their child, and his Ukrainian colleague Igor Kurilets sees him as a guru and a benefactor. But for all the direct satisfaction he gets from going, Henry also sees grossly misdiagnosed patients, children who he can’t save, and a lack of equipment and trained supporting staff. “It’s like selling your soul to the devil, but what can you do? My son had a brain tumour as a baby and I was desperate for someone to help me. I simply can’t walk away from that need in others”.

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