Praxis Blog Carnival no. 6

praxis blog carnival 6

Praxis is the new carnival about scientific life

The carnival is intended to cover all aspects of life as an academic, whether it’s the lifestyle, career progress, doing a Ph.D., getting funding, climbing the slippery pole, academic life as a minority, working with colleagues and students, dealing with the peer-review process, publishing, grants, science 2.0, amusing anecdotes, conference experiences, philosophical musings, public engagement, or even historical articles about what life was like in the good (or bad) old days.

The 6th edition is up at mudphupper, go read it quick, very interesting collection of blog posts from very good blogs I was not familiar with. Mudphudder is the blog of an 8th year MD/PhD student at a large academic center. He has been a medical student, then a graduate student–his PhD was in immunology, and now he is a medical student again.

on my hunt for articles, I looked for posts that would actually teach a graduate student, young scientist or academic a few things that they may not know at this specific time in their lives or careers.