Pi-Day and Irrational Numbers

chocolate pi

The chocolate pi has arrived, enjoying it on Pi day, 3/14/09, or the 14th of March 2009. It didn’t last long. They’re also ice cubes in the shape of the pi symbol.

pi-ice cubes

I am not the only shrink interested in irrational numbers, read Garth Kroeker also a shrink with interest in irrational numbers. His metaphor on irrational numbers:

There is a life lesson in this, I think. Be open to possibility. That which is seemingly impossible may require an imaginative re-framing to see that it was always in front of you, available to you, part of “ordinary” daily life. And there can be more to simple relationships than meets the eye — dividing a circumference by a diameter yields a number which contains information paralleling all known information in the universe, including the story of yourself.

Now why is it these irrational numbers are so interesting to shrinks? Any idea, let me know