Metformin reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in Diabetes Mellitus 2

diabetes mellitus

Metformin reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease after a follow-up period of 4.3 years. The risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced on average with 39% when metformin is concomitantly used with insuline for diabetes mellitus type 2. Cardiovascular disease such as heart attack, cerebrovascular accidents.

Metformin, added to insulin in patients with DM2, improved body weight, glycemic control, and insulin requirements but did not improve the primary end point.

Diabetes mellitus often lead to complications such as cardiovascular disease, this is most often the cause of death (Check out blood sugar ultra review). Most patients with DM2 first start treatment with metformin and with progression of the disease have to switch to insulin, the metformin is stopped when insulin is started. What this trial published in a recent issue of Archives of Internal Medicine proves is that the continuation of metformin while taking insulin reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Oh… and did I mention it was a Dutch research group?

When taking the combination the dosage of insulin can be reduced with almost 30% to control blood glucose level. The combination reduces weight with on average 4 kilos. Check out our reviews at askhealthnews

It is also cost effective since metformine is not expensive and insulin is, also a reduction of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and cerebrovascular accidents reduces costs.

The addition of metformin had no significant effect on blood pressure and plasma lipid profile

How was this study done?

They studied 390 patients treated with insulin in the outpatient clinics of 3 hospitals in a randomized, placebo-controlled trial with a follow-up period of 4.3 years. Either metformin hydrochloride, 850 mg, or placebo (1-3 times daily) was added to insulin therapy.

Limitations of the study
Small sample size and the two samples were unbalanced.

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