Art and Mental Illness

A post on Mind Hacks again pointed me to this website of the Wellcome Collection museum with Art and Mental Illness. The museum has two fantastic free exhibitions on the art and history of mental illness: Madness and Modernity:

This multidisciplinary exhibition presents the range of ways madness and art interacted in Vienna, from designs for utopian psychiatric spaces to the drawings of patients confined in them. It explores the influence of psychiatry on early modernism and encourages us to reflect on how we deal with mental illness 100 years on.

The other exhibition is: Bobby Baker’s Diary Drawings: Mental illness and me, 1997-2008:

Bobby Baker is one of the most widely acclaimed and popular performance artists working today. She began her diary drawings in 1997 when she became a patient at a day centre. Originally private, they gradually became a way for her to communicate complex thoughts and emotions that are difficult to articulate to her family, friends and professionals

Bobby Baker

So if you’re in London or going to London visit this unique collection and let me know.

Thanks Mind Hacks