Pharmacology in animations and video’s


Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs that have the pharmacological actions of: anxiolitics, sedatives, hipnotics, muscle relaxants and anticonvulsivants. Their clinical indication cannot be generalized but specified by each agent.

If you want to see an animation how these benzodiazepines work have a look at this blog Pharmamotion. It has an enormous amount of pharmacological animations, or how things work.
For instance it has a video animation of HIV fusion inhibitors mechanism of action.

The blog is written by Flavio Guzmán, a M.D. working as teaching assistant at the Department of Pharmacology, University of Mendoza, Argentina.

The aim of this website is to gather educational resources targeted to health professionals that are freely available on the web, for a better understanding of pharmacology. These resources include:

  • Animations and videos that illustrate mechanism of action of drugs (some of them developed by me).
  • Definitions and concepts from reliable sources about the general principles of pharmacology.
  • Press releases and drug reviews from official agencies (FDA, EMEA, NHS, and many others).

As the editor of this blog, I persue to display and reproduce neutral, non biased drug information.