What Constitutes “Legitimate” Journalism compared to Blogs and Twitter

The number one post on a wednesday round up by neuroanthropology from which the video above came from is an interesting discussion about what constitutes “legitimate” journalism.

How people would/should deal with being overloaded with information and the role of journalists. What place would this changing mediascape have for journalists? Would they be transformed into glorified readers? And would this be a bad thing?

I personally don’t think the new mediascape is a threat to journalism – I think it actually makes them more relevant than before. This post is to be read as essential material to all bloggers and twitter users read it on Betwixt and Between: 2010 Job Posting: Professional Reader, I fully agree with the statement in the video

Haven’t heard of this grand round or round up before but is sure has a lot of awful other nice links about: top, placebo, neuro, anthro, and Colombia.

Links to posts about the placebo effect and how placebo works. Always an important subject for Dr Shock, placebo controlled trials are to few and very important.

Another interesting posts in this round up:

The Intimate Study of Terrorism

This round up is a variety of very valuable posts, get over to this wednesday round up and pray there will be another one next week