Synesthesia on Wednesday’s Round Up #73 on Neuroanthropology

This weekly round up on Neuroanthropology is about synesthesia and drug categories, alongside the top selections and the anthro and neuro placeholders.

This round up has a nice collection of important posts on different subjects. This time I liked the posts on synestheia. One post on Eagleman Lab is about synesthesia with an interesting video about this strange phenomenon. The one on top of this post.

They are looking for the gene of synesthesia. For this they also developed a standardized battery for synesthesia at This battery of questionnaires and online software is free and open to the public, and provides a rigorous, standardized scoring system for quantifying synesthetia. Have a look at this blog there is a lot of more information.

Other terrific posts in this round up as well, e.g. Petra Boynton, The New Scientist, Female Ejaculation, and Six Things Science Has Taught Us about Sex. “The problem with the New Scientist piece and scientific research that focuses purely on the physiological is it taps into the women-are-mysterious narrative that unhelpfully underpins so much media coverage. “